something's missing
That gray guy is pretty freaky. Be careful Ted

..That’s not a very nice thing to say!! Just because he has a floaty hat and weirdy eyes doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

what if Grey is a serial killer

a whatty what


Uh..No I…I haven’t 

-glances back towards the kitchen, but then focuses his attention on Ted-

I’d love to meet them though

..Your… job..?


-tugs a little more urgently-

Well, come on!! You gotta meet them!!!



I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t exactly meant to do anything else. 

I was supposed to exist silently until Percival came to the point where he would be able to figure out and correct everything. 

Unseen and unheard until the proper time

..Yeah.. Yeah, I can see you!!

So, let’s go do something fun!!

-walks up to Grey and grabs his hand, tugging him towards the upstairs-

Have you met my chicken? or my Monster? :)


-chuckles lightheartedly- 

Ted, alright then.

And yes, I promise he’ll be fine. This is all more or less self-inflicted, but once he’s able to find the solution, all will be well again. 

Until then, I remain here. Serving my purpose. 

..Isn’t… isn’t it lonely, though..? Just..

..Standing there all day with no one to talk to…?



-Stops and turns back around towards Ted-


…No, no you’re not. I’m sorry for being short with you. 

-looked back towards the kitchen where sounds of Paint cooking could be heard, then looked back to Ted-

I’m Percival’s Art Block, more or less. I’m the reason he can’t paint for the time being. It’s for a good reason though so don’t fret, he’ll be fine. 

I suppose though in the meantime…

…What did you say your name was?

You’re his……… art…. block??

You’re not a block at all. :I


I’m… Ted.

My name’s Ted.


..You promise Percy’s gonna be okay..?



-staaarrrts walking past him through the doorway-



-watches Grey walk past the doorway, then starts to trail after him-





No what?


-The man sighed and rubbed his brow-

Hiding…Not exactly the word I’d use-

……My name is Gray. Just Gray. But you don’t understand, young man

You literally shouldn’t be able to see me

Only Percival should be able to see me, come the right time. Which isn’t for a while I would guess. 

I’m not— magic????

I’m just— I’m twelve. I’m— I’m normal!! I think..

..What’s— what’s wrong with Percy?

..Why’s only he supposed to be able to see you??

Why can’t he??


Are you his— are you his imaginary friend? Did he lose you, too??


-The man drew in a breath, straightened his tie, and walked over to where he was standing right in front of Ted. He wasn’t terribly tall, at least not as tall as Paint was. He looked down at Ted with his strange eyes, speaking in a calm, but firm tone-


I— I’m—

..I’m sorry??

Were you— uh, hiding?? Or— or something?

Should I, uh—…

..Who are you?